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Cycling is a sport where the athlete performs intense and prolonged physical strain often in high temperature conditions. Vardena focuses on designing technical clothing aimed to delay the onset of fatigue during stress and increasing the athlete’s muscular performance.

Vardena’s micro technical yarns in carbon fiber have high conductivity characteristics that highly improve the electrical performance of the human body by promoting blood circulation and consequently the regular supply of oxygen to the muscle cells during exercise, thus delaying the lactic acid accumulation and providing considerable support to the improvement of the athlete’s performance during stress peaks.

Vardena’s special fabrics with carbon fiber also prevent the harmful electrical charges present in the atmosphere from discharging on the body, reducing the likelyhood of muscle contractions, cramps and fatigue.

The antibacterial properties of the carbon micro yarns guarantee the protection of the skin, eliminate the risk of allergies and also providing a shield against electrosmog and UV rays.

Zero inerzia

The force of inertia is that force that arises when a body is subject to acceleration or deceleration.

The inertia depends directly on the entity of the acceleration and the mass of the body and is always opposite to the direction of the body’s acceleration, opposing itself like this to its motion.

Fi=M * A

Vardena, relying strictly on mechanical engineering design standards, produces its clothing as lightly as possible in order to offer the athlete the optimal conditions to achieve maximum acceleration.


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